Project Info

A friend of a friend posted a link about a mobile game they were making by the name of “Henchmen!” and after checking out their site I had an immediate desire to make an awesome site to reflect their game. I contacted Lightning Rod Games (LRG) with a summary of things I’d like to do with the site and met with them via webcam and from that point on I’ve been helping them out.

I technically made two sites: One for the company itself and one for their game. I created the Henchmen! site first and took elements from that site to their main blog with some re-skinning. From day one I wanted to make this a very mobile focused site to target the customer base of their games. With that in mind I made heavy use of vector graphics and constant testing on every mobile device I could get my hands on. This design also uses the “data” attribute of HTML5 that I hadn’t worked previously to animate the characters of the game. The photo of the site doesn’t do this site justice and I highly recommend you visit the site to interact with the Henchmen! characters.

After a few rounds of beta testing the guys at LRG decided to put this game on hold to build another one of their awesome ideas. I’m really looking forward to helping these guys with an amazing creative site to reflect the creativity of their game.

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