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Hourly America details the adventures, travels, and work done of an across the country mission. Heath Padgett and his wife Alyssa are on a mission to travel across America and work one hourly-paying job in each of the 50 states. Traveling in their refurbished RV, the Padgetts look to shine a spotlight on the millions of hourly workers that currently do not get the recognition they deserve for their dedication and hard work. Working alongside hundreds of hourly workers, Heath will learn what it takes to succeed, and sometimes fail, in 50 different work environments.

This design follows a similar theme to the previous SnagaJob work I had done – The Hourly Gig. I once again worked with the amazing staff of SnagaJob to have a conceptual design that I could easily translate into an excellent web experience. In addition to the development, I was in charge of the responsive design and had to adapt the provided design for an excellent mobile user experience.

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